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Welcome to Coffee House Jelly

Coffee House Jelly  is that rarest of happenings: the birth of a new product category!  Our sophisticated coffee based jellies are poised to take full advantage of the fact that American’s can’t get enough coffee!  The approximate total United States coffee consumption is in excess of a staggering 1 trillion cups per annum.  Consumers have an endless appetite for new things and everyone seems to love the flavor of coffee. 

This new combination of coffee and jelly brings to market a product marrying one of the favorite tastes of consumers with one of the favorite textures of consumers. Even among those who are not coffee drinkers, such popular tastes as Chocolate-Raspberry and Cinnamon are sure to be winners.

Coffee Jelly can be enjoyed right out of the jar on toast, it’s great with peanut butter or it can be heated to make coffee flavored syrups. 

Coffee House Jelly will provide the market a new and unique coffee experience with entirely new flavor categories of 5 Coffee House favorites.

The five flavors now available are: 

  • House Blend
  • Mocha
  • Cappuccino
  • Cinnamon
  • Chocolate Raspberry

Coffee House Jelly provides the consumer a multitude of enhanced taste possibilities for every meal.  Enjoy it as an appetizer or snack served with goat cheese on crackers!  Moms will now enjoy eating Peanut Butter with their kids as theirs will be served with Coffee Jelly…a more refined jelly flavor!  Of course it’s great on toast and other breakfast items.  Heat it and it becomes syrup, delicious over ice cream!  Mix it with a little salt and pepper and use it as a glaze on beef or lamb.  The possibilities are endless.  Click on Recipe Section for lots of tasty ideas.

Each jar of Coffee Jelly is 10 oz.

For more information or ordering Coffee House Jelly contact:

Shirley Kauffman
Delish Foods International

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